News - This Summer Don T Allow Your Child To Fall Behind

26 apr 2017


SUMMER REGRESSION: You've done it before. You know you know how to do it. But as you put your hand to the task before you, the months of doing other things and the lack of practice catches up with you. It's gone. You've forgotten what you once knew.

Sound familiar?

Warning! It’s Summer!. Better get started prepping your child to have a better school year. 

In academic terms, it's referred to as “regression,” and the academic regression that causes the most frustration to students, teachers, and parents is summertime regression. While all students regress some during the summer, this regression hurts students the most who were already behind academically.

Just imagine: it can be so incredibly frustrating for everyone when your child worked so hard to make sense of long division, only to master it beautifully by March, and then to find in June he/she can't remember any of it. Time to start all over again. The tears, the frustration, and maybe even the anger mount as your child tries to make sense of why he/she can't do this anymore. It doesn't matter that it's fairly normal to forget. The stakes always feel higher to a child with a learning disability, and forgetting what he/she once knew certainly doesn't add a lot to your child's self-confidence.

In fact, generally students lose the most skills in mathematics. Students lose on average an equivalent of 2.6 months in mathematical skills every summer!

Reading seems to vary based on income levels (which probably could be better called instead “opportunity levels”). Students in middle income households, on average, actually make slight gains in reading during the summer! (Again: think public libraries and lots of free time for your child to read what he/she enjoys reading). Low income students, however, lose close to the same the amount in reading as in mathematics with again more the than two months lost. These students' parents may have less time to take them to the library, less education and comfort reading to their children, less disposable income to spend on books, and the least knowledge about why it's important to encourage reading the during the summer. Every summer the gap between the reading abilities of low-income and high-income students increases.

Clearly, if your child is already behind or has struggled so hard to catch up with his/her peers, you can't afford to simply passively allow the usual summertime regression. You all worked too hard to let it just go by the wayside. Your child's self-esteem deserves better. Your child's academic career requires better.



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