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17 nov 2015

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Around the world in 80 dishes


How many of you have problems to convince your kids to eat something else than sweets? The secret to getting them to eat is by getting them involved in the kitchen. Kids love to eat what they make.

A couple of tips which will come in handy

  • limit the portions and limit the spices. Kids taste buds need time to develop so never spice up a recipe. The simpler the better.
  • Always make sure the kitchen is safe for the little ones. They should never get near the stove or use sharp utensils.
  • Make it fun by creating variously shaped and colourful dishes
  • Use your imagination and let your kids take the charge

Cooking with the kids is a wonderful experience and you'll be creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Meals are very importantin italy. Especially the ones served on Sundays and festive days. The family gather together and have a lovely meal. It is so, of course, not only because of the food but also because of the family timethey can enjoy together. That is one of the reasons why meals are usually very long. The meal usually starts with appetizers of various kinds. Seafood, cheese, ham, olives, bruschettas etc. Then, there is a first course which, needless forus to say, is pasta. Pasta made with seafood, meat, fish, vegetables. Italian cuisine is full of pasta-based dishes. After that, there is a second course. It is usually a dish made of meat or fish accompanied by a side dish, which is usually a sald or baked potatoes. What comes next is fruits and sweets. This is probably the best part of the meal for the kids. It doesn’t-t have to be that way though. Let's have a look at some Italian recipes which can be easily prepared by our kids


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