News - Handling Dinner Drama With Toddlers

03 ott 2016

Handling Dinner Drama With Toddlers

Which is the best way to kids and encourage healthy eating in a positive and reasonable way?

Even dietitians can’t prepare you for your child’s dinner strike.

For months, you find that your two year old barely takes a bite of his/her dinner. You keep deciding what and when you are going to have for dinner, and kids keep deciding whether and how much they would eat - answers: no and nothing.

But that’s easier said than done when, night after night, the nutritious meals you spent time planning and cooking and carefully arranging on his/her special Bob the Builder/Dora the Explorer divided plates were never even touched.

Dr. Dina Rose, food sociologist, who teaches parents how to shape their children’s relationship with food, was full of ideas and surprising suggestions like these:

*Serve Less Food.

Dr. Rose advises to put just a few bites on your kids’ plate. If he/she asked about it, say, “It doesn’t seem like you want much food at dinner, so I’m respecting that. But if you want more, just ask.” Dr. Rose says this instantly changes the dynamics at dinner for many kids and let us know if it works for you!

*Allow Honesty.

Try not to encourage your kids to use disrespectful words like “yuck” and “gross” at the dinner table. Instead give them replacement words, such as “I don’t like the way this tastes”, says Dr. Rose. Children should be allowed to explain why they don’t want to eat something. It’s empowering for them and insightful for parents.

*Play Games.

Reverse psychology—“Gosh, I sure hope you don’t eat that broccoli!”—works wonders for strong-willed kids. Dr. Rose says children love being silly with their parents, especially at the dinner table, which can be boring for kids. So games like this are okay as long as they’re fun for everyone involved and don’t dominate mealtime.




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