News - Good Neighbours Day 28th Sep 2017

01 set 2017

Good Neighbours Day: 28th Sep, 2017

 This day was created to acknowledge and celebrate the importance of a good neighbour.

It is a blessing to have a good neighbour, but it is even a greater thing to BE a good neighbour. Good neighbours often become friends. They watch out for each other, lend a helping hand and are there for advice when asked.   Neighbours offer that cup of sugar when we are short, collect our mail when we are on vacation, watch our homes and sometimes watch our children and our pets. Simply put, being a good neighbour makes good neighbours and develops lifelong friendships.  


To celebrate National Good Neighbour Day, do something nice for your neighbor today. Use #GoodNeighborDay to post on social media.


Good Neighbour Day was created in the early 1970s by Becky Mattson of Lakeside, Montana.  In 1978, United States President Jimmy Carter issued Proclamation 4601:

 “As our Nation struggles to build friendship among the peoples of this world, we are mindful that the noblest human concern is concern for others. Understanding, love and respect build cohesive families and communities. The same bonds cement our Nation and the nations of the world. For most of us, this sense of community is nurtured and expressed in our neighborhoods where we give each other an opportunity to share and feel part of a larger family…I call upon the people of the United States and interested groups and organizations to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.”



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